Friday, February 3, 2017

Choosing The Perfect Worktop For Your Kitchen

Although there is always a tendency to pick a kitchen worktop based on the looks alone, important factors such as maintenance, durability, and expense are decisive in the selection process of kitchen worktops.

Different Worktop Choices

Granite - The material that tops the chart in the making of countertops or worktops is granite. Due to its sturdy, durable, and versatile nature, granite is the most preferred material among the customers. Easily available in various shades of white, black, coral, green, beiges, etc., each granite piece is unique and there is no chance that your neighbour has got the similar design as yours. You can choose granite worktops in London based on two kinds of polishes. One has a got a shiny, polished look with a rich, darker stone colour, another has a matte finish that has a soft look. The cost of granite depends on many factors such as design, colour, finish and origin.
There are other counterparts of Granite Worktops like limestone, marble, soapstone and more, which are delicate, softer and require much greater maintenance than granite. However, to maintain the lustre of your worktop, it is important to seal your worktop from time to time.

Quartz - This man-made alternative to granite is available in various ranges of excellent profiles. Quartz worktops provide many benefits such as durability, colour consistency and ability to resist scratches and stains. Available in numerous colour ranges, quartz also provides default antibacterial protection. But just like other worktops, extra care and proper maintenance is required to mainatin the shine and glamour.
Corian - Corian materials are perfect to create curves, fluid shapes, and flowing lines. Corian is a man-made material, where you would find a consistent pattern in colours and designs, where the joins are made seamless, thus providing an invisible, smooth finish. Corian Kitchen Worktops are also quite safe and hygienic to use as the absence of gaps prevent any kind of bacteria growth. With flush-fit hobs, it is now even easier to get a fuss-free surface.

Wood–Whether you prefer a contemporary or a classic feel in your kitchen, the wooden worktops in the kitchen would never fail to impress you. Choose from the various types of woods like maple, oak, beech, wenge, bamboo, Iroko, etc.
Before deciding on the countertop material, it is suggested to check the samples first and match it with the style and feel of your kitchen.

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